With 300 lumens of brightness and uniform, comfortable lighting, the TIKKINA® headlamp lights up your evenings under the stars! It's just as good for reading in your tent as it is for getting around the campsite or tramping. It's easy to use, with a single button and a symmetrical headband for adjusting the size.
• Brightness: 300 lumens (ANSI/PLATO FL 1)
• Three lighting levels: MAX BURN TIME, STANDARD (better power/burn time balance) and MAX POWER
• Weight: 92 g
• Beam pattern: Flood
• HYBRID CONCEPT design: Three AAA/LR03 batteries (included) or CORE rechargeable battery (available as accessory)
• Battery compatibility: Alkaline, lithium or Ni-MH rechargeable
• Watertightness: IPX4 (weather-resistant)

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