Outdoor Adventures After Dark

Outdoor Adventures After Dark

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(re)discover Petzl TIKKINA, TIKKA, TIKKA CORE, ACTIK and ACTIK CORE headlamps today.

Take On Any Adventure — Day or Night. Petzl's new headlamps are versatile — perfect for outdoor adventures after dark.

Twenty years ago, TIKKA was the first LED-powered Petzl headlamp. Now a range of models exist to adapt to your activities and sports.

Compact and Powerful

The new range of Petzl headlamps offer 300 to 600 lumens of powerful lighting, so you can comfortably see during any after-dark activity. Lightweight and compact, they slide right into your pocket. So you can take one anywhere.

Versatile and Easy to Use

Reading in the tent, going for a night hike, or returning home after nightfall — our lamps feature three lighting levels to meet to your needs. The single button makes it easy to use, and the headband is adjustable.

Take Your Pick: Standard or Rechargeable Batteries

HYBRID CONCEPT technology allows you to use standard or rechargeable batteries to power your lamp. The CORE battery recharges via USB, an economic and durable solution.



Check out the new headlamp range features:

Model Tikkina Tikka Tikka Core Actik Actik Core
Colours Red Green Grey Blue Grey Blue Green Yellow Grey Blue Green Yellow Red Black Green  Blue Red Blue Green Grey
Features Hybrid Concept Large Beam Red Lighting Water Resistant Hybrid Concept Red Lighting Water Resistant Reflective Components Hybrid Concept Rechargeable Headlamp Red Lighting Reflective Components Hybrid Concept Red Lighting Reflective Components Hybrid Concept Rechargeable Headlamp
Weight 92 grams 94 grams 84 grams 98 grams 88 grams
Brightness 300 lumens 350 lumens 450 lumens 450 lumens 600 lumens
Burn Time up to 100 hr up to 110 hr up to 110 hr up to 100 hr up to 100 hr
Image Tikkina Yellow Tikka Yellow Actik Red Actik Core Green