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Petzl have received reports from users experiencing rope slippage while using the ZIGZAG®, ZIGZAG® PLUS and ZILLON. Following these reports, they have identified two defects causing the slippage. Petzl, therefore, ask users to do a manual inspection and a function test of your product to detect any possible slippage. In case your product slips, we are providing details on the New Zealand after-sales returns service.


Products involved:

ZIGZAG (D022AA00), ZIGZAG PLUS (D022BA00), ZILLON (L22A 025, L22A 040, L22A 055) with serial numbers between 18L 0000000 000 and 21G 0000000 000.

Customer returns alerted us to slippage with new or slightly used ZIGZAG / ZIGZAG PLUS / ZILLON products. Following our technical investigations, we were able to identify the causes of the slippage. They related to a variance in our production process, resulting in two types of defects in the release levers on ZIGZAG, ZIGZAG PLUS and ZILLON:

  • random malfunction of the spring effect of the upper release lever,
  • variance in the surface treatment resulting in a modification of the geometry of the release lever.

Figure 1 - Petzl ZigZag levers

This production variance causes premature wear on the release levers, resulting in slippage that can be observed after a few months of use, or even on new products.

Petzl has advised three actions:

  1. Stop sales of current products. Petzl are working to solve the problem with the goal of being able to deliver new products (Ex France) after November 1st, 2021
  2. request for inspection by end users of their product by following the two specific points of the PPE inspection procedure.
  3. An Exchange offer to redress the inconvenience caused by the slippage of your product after user performs the tests detailed herein. In New Zealand:
  • Retailers/Stores - exchange via our B2B site
  • End Users - exchange/refund via 

Devices will not be replaced if slipping occurs due to excessive wear and tear from use.


PPE Inspection points to carry out on your ZIGZAG / ZIGZAG PLUS / ZILLON product: 

  1. Inspecting the release levers

    inspecting levers (1)

    inspecting the levers (2)

    Check the effectiveness of the upper release lever return spring (1) and the mobility of the lower release lever (2) for ZIGZAG, ZIGZAG PLUS. Repeat the test at least ten times. The levers should move freely without friction.

    If the results of these tests are not satisfactory, immediately stop using your product and return your product via the methods described above. If the levers work, proceed to the next inspection point.

  2. Function Test

    ZILLON: Hang on to the lanyard in single mode at a very low height: there should be no slippage. When used in double mode, verify that pressure on the release lever allows smooth and controlled sliding of the rope.
    zillon function test

    ZIGZAG / ZIGZAG PLUS: perform a function test with your rope (compatible ropes: 11.5 to 13mm ø).
    Install the ZIGZAG in double mode. Suspend yourself at a very low height.
    zigzag function test

    When hanging from the ZIGZAG in double mode, there should be no slippage. Verify that pressure on the release lever allows smooth and controlled sliding of the rope.

    If the results of these test are not satisfactory, immediately stop using your product and return your product by contacting using the relevant method, if the devices passes the tests there is no need to return and it can be continued to be used.

If you have any doubt about the results of these tests, contact us by lodging a Support Request. These inspection points are in no way a substitute for a complete PPE inspection of your product following the procedure available on

To find your serial numbers:

As mentioned this Inspection Request is for the below products with serial numbers in the range 18L 0000000 000 and 21G 0000000 000.

finding zigzag and zillon serial numbers

To download a copy of this information:

Please click here to download this Alert Information for 🇳🇿 end users. 

This is a limited time exchange offer, If your product’s serial number is between 18L 0000000 000 and 21G 0000000 000 and slips when tested as requested in our information, devices worn by excessive use will not be replaced. You have until December 31, 2022 to return your product.

For more questions, see Petzl FAQ's on - this offer expired on 31/12/2022. Original post from